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Resource Sharing
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Resource Sharing

  The 21st century is a society in which information is greatly exchanged, and a society in which resources are created and shared.How to rationally integrate resources and maximize wealth has become an extraordinary wisdom.

  Hengli adheres to the principle of "integrity and common sharing", and is the first in the industry to put forward the concept of "resource sharing": use the company's existing resources, integrate upstream and downstream industrial chains, and build a community of resources and interests that connect all parties.Through the matchmaking of Chenghai, we can realize the sharing of information, resources and benefits of multiple parties, mutual benefit and exchange of needs, and truly realize close cooperation in the industry, co-prosperity, symbiosis, and common development.

  Whether you are an upstream supplier or a downstream customer, you can:

  ——Share our common resources, including important information such as warehousing, logistics, and inventory, to achieve tripartite sharing and stocking purposefully;

  ——For upstream (suppliers), we can help promote your products;

  ——For downstream (customers), we can help you purchase other products;

  ——In addition, we sincerely invite you to participate in Chenghai's project construction. As long as you are a participant, you are the beneficiary.

  Including but not limited to the above forms of cooperation, we look forward to a win-win future with you!


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